Doehouse Livestock

We have a small number of friendly livestock and a few pets at Doehouse.  Most of them can be handled but we suggest you give the Cockerel his own space. Speak to us and we can show you how to feed them at mealtimes.  

The hens seem to produce chicks about 3 times a year. We have an abundand supply of free range eggs for a tasty breakfast treat.

Our Kune Kune pigs are brother and sister, Boris and Erika.  Boris has been castrated but Erika is soon off on a trip to Abereen to meet a new beau.  We are hoping for a small litter of 2-3 pigs in the spring.

Our 3 gimmers are Cheviot Shetland Crosses.  Our one eyed Jacob Ram is called Harold. 

We have two dogs, Harvey a 6 year old Jack Russell Floki a 1 year old Lurcher.  

Our Kune Kune Pigs, Borris the spotted one and Erika his sister

Oscar feeding the sheep